Thus we defined to the Technologies of I I eat: " Techniques that allow the individuals to carry out a certain number of operations in their own bodies, their souls, their thoughts, their conducts, and it of a way like transform them to themselves, it modifies that them, with the purpose of to reach a certain state of perfection, or happiness, or purity, or being able sobrenatural" (Foucault 1982). So that this relation of the subject with itself, of production of the subjectivity concentrates around four axes: – The material axis, the relation of the subject with its body, the way to take care of it, to make use of the pleasures or to respond to desires, to the inclinations, the way to respond to the needs and exigencies of the body. – The ethical axis, the rules morals that structure the type of work to realise in the interioridad. – The axis of the knowledge or the truth that marks the form in which the truth looks for on itself, way of to decipher itself and of knowing itself. – The axis of the expectable thing that it structures what the subjects hope: immortality, the eternity, the health, the freedom, the death, the resignation, the recognition. Thus, all the work of reflection of Foucault been has marked by questions such as who we are? , how and under what mechanisms we have been formed in our thoughts, in our bodies, rates and gestures, in our affection, feelings and sensations? ; under what forms our sensitivity was elaborated? and, on the other hand, for this author, the true exercise of being able is characterized by its capacity to induce, to channel the conducts in a direction that, far from to harm its reproduction, becomes condition of this. The essential is east agreement of a determined frame of combat abilities. .