Speaking of compact linear arrays, manufactured by Tasso, we should note a linear array of KFL 2065 with an active subwoofer KFL 2012-BA with an onboard DSP processor. The peculiarity of this system – mobility and presentable. Array done in white with aluminum trim and trim, available with user-friendly case studies on the wheels, which makes a linear array of 2065 KFL extremely convenient for rental and lease. This system is designed for use in the vip clubs, restaurants, stadiums, etc. Despite the fact that the system is compact, it can be scaled according to the customer with virtually no restrictions on what makes a great array of powerful sound system. Standard stack linear array consists of one subwoofer KFL 2012-BA and the four satellites KFL 2065. As well as a linear array KFL2080, KFL 2065 can be mounted on a horizontal surface, while the subwoofer is at the bottom, in contrast to suspended mode, which turns the system into the active column stack a minimum capacity 1700Vt! In this case the ratio of parameters such as price, quality, mobility and presentable linear array KFL 2065 has no equal! Even at purchasing the system, it is completely ready to go! All you need is a mixer and the signal source – again, that active subwoofers KFL 2012, with an onboard DSP processor. KFL 2065 speaker system has a capacity of 250 watts (RMS) and 500W Peak, 6 ohm impedance, the opening angle of 90 horizontally and 7 degrees in the vertical frequency range 65 Hz to 20 kHz, maximum SPL of 120 dB.

There are two low-frequency dynamics of the diameter of 6.5 "and a high Tweeter, a diameter of 2 "(voice coil diameter of 2 ') with a mouthpiece. Dimensions of 200x550x430 mm, weight 18 kg. Active subwoofer KFL 2012 BA has a capacity of 700 watts (RMS) and 1400 W Peak, impedance 4 Ohm, frequency range from 45 to 350 Hz, the maximum sound pressure level of 126 dB. There are two low-frequency dynamics of a diameter of 12 '. Built-in subwoofer DSP processor has a five-band equalizer, limiter, delay, crossover, phase corrector, remote control, control by computer. Dimensions Subwoofer 640 x 640 x 810 mm, weight 83 kg.