To carry through a bibliographical and descriptive survey of field on the subject influence. To verify the influence of the parents in the psychological and emotional aspect of the children while athlete of categories of base. To analyze the income in the competitions where the children of team of field soccer participate. 1,4 Justification children at the beginning of esportiva walked its need the initiative of the family mainly of the father in this trajectory.

The father in turn dreamed in being athlete and he did not obtain to reach its goal, this proven fact, does not take the family to direct to the child escolinhas or clubs since early, that nothing more he is of what the initiation to the sport in categories of base, in order to project its dream that is to be a great football player in the future. In this way the children suffer a direct influence or indirectly for the school and its parents affecting its emotional, psychological side and its income in the competitions that participate, for this reason I decided to study on the subject. For the above-mentioned facts it is justified research with the objective to detect if these factors, with special the parents intervenes with the esportiva formation of the children. 1,5 Delimitations of the Study This study were delimited and developed in the dependences of the club Avenue Tennis Club and with posterior comment carried through in its escolinhas of categories of base of field soccer. II? REVISION OF LITERATURE 2,1 the INFLUENCE OF the PARENTS IN the INCOME OF the CHILDREN Children and young that practises sport in a esportivo club actively has parents that, in its majority, they practise or they had practised sports of income in infancy, these parents actively apiam the esportivas activities of its children, the familiar support encloses the following activities: financial aid, coordination of the social activities of the family with the activities of the training and competitions, moral and psychological support during the competitions that its children participate.. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Shaw Mother has to say.