When one notices bad appears in the bulletin of the school, the father and mother suffers together with the son. when it is tried to talk to discover the cause, nor always has success. Instead of trying to discover the cause, it tries to stimulate it to study it more. How? It says thus for: ' ' Son thinks about a person who works very, much exactly. This person catches 3 buses to arrive at the work, arrives tired and still she has that to support people who do not treat it well. It when she is with hunger takes something in a pot to eat later, or purchase in the canteen with much attention not to spend as much money. She is to give to water in the mouth those salty candies and in the canteen. However, it has that to resist not to buy as much food and if to become indebted later.

The situation of this person is not of the best ones. Now, we go to think a bit about somebody with a situation better. This already needs to only catch a bus, however when it arrives in the work, it is surprised at intense activities, without interval. She astonishhes myself, everything has certain schedule, if it to want to go to the bathroom has that to hold until the end of the day. Cansadssima arrives in house and alone it thinks about sleeping. If to want to read some magazine or a good book, have that to wait the week end, therefore during the week alone of the one to work and to sleep.

Now, we will think about somebody that works in house. It improved is not same? It does not need to catch bus, does not need to dislocate no distance. This person it can organize its schedule of the form that to prefer; if to want to sleep a little and to work later, can; if to want to attend the television, or to use the Internet and later working, all good. If to want to eat something, has the proper refrigerator where it can be delighted with its favourite food. The bathroom is available the day all and if to prefer until a bath, does not have none badly. This last person is you son! You have all the chances to be optimum pupil of the school and an excellent professional in the future. It uses to advantage this phase of the life, therefore the more the time passes, more responsibilities appears. ' '