According to Ayurveda, stress – a condition in which the mind out of balance. Mind is characterized in equilibrium, are serenity, strength and resolution. Man with a resolute mind has full capacity to act or to act in such a way as to keep the mind in balance. Consciousness may exist in three states, or 'gunas'. Sattva (knowledge, purity), rajas (action, passion) and Tamas (inertia, ignorance). Disorders or mental disorders occur when the decrease and increase sattva rajas and tamas. With the decrease of sattva weakens mental strength, determination and ability to see the difference (to distinguish right from wrong). If this condition persists, the mind comes under the influence of stress, which can lead to mental disorders – anxiety, depression, fear and neurosis.

As already mentioned, in today's accelerated age everyone is exposed to stress a particular intensity. Some people handle stress better than others. Each of us in our own lives has experienced situations where we managed effectively cope with severe stress. But sometimes we fail to cope with some stress. It all depends on how much at the moment our sattva. When sattva much, in a calm, thoughtful, patient and constructive frame of mind. High rajas and tamas, hopelessness, despair, impatience, fear and anxiety.

In such a situation a person confused thinking, he feels laziness, his psychic strength. In a negative state of mind and can not cope with psychological stress. It is therefore necessary to increase sattva reduce and Rajas and Tamas. Rajas and Tamas as responsible for various body functions, such as actions (enthusiasm, passion), and sleep.