It only looks at as it is, with the heart leaving for the mouth. it bothers _Ele, I feel me a calafrio I see when it, I find that they are my instincts. _ Olha Mily, I go to teach a thing to it: When to feel of these its calafrios new, stops, counts of one up to ten and starts to sing. It sings with me this song, appositive that it goes to like. It forgets the problems, the agonies Thinks about the friends who already have. It thinks about only bringing joys. Even for the friendship that does not have. I go to follow, Lorena its advice I wait one day this to function.

I go to ask for all neighborhood. To pardon me. Friendship thus is good. When it has peace, joy is one dom. Vamos to dance to jump and to play. It is as soon as the life goes to improve. I am one ratinho teeny. Its friendship I want to have.

We go to be a trio of friends. Pra to leave to play and to eat. The neighborhood all this joined, This passed of good to better. When pra has much thing to make, all only make and not one. It looks at, ratinho, I ask for excuses to it. To fight with you, interest, never more! When to feel, of new calafrios, Story up to ten and I sing more. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6, 7 – 8 – 9 – 10. _Ento, Mily, liked our song? _Eu necessary to rest now, I am very tired, tomorrow we say in them again, good night. _Boa night! It gave good Lorena night to me, only looks at! _Fuador! It gave to good night pra me, therefore she was talking with me. _, has reason, if it knew as much that I love! Penalty that I am only one good-looking rat and it a pretty one, of fine waist and wide hips.