First and foremost this removed the excuse: this child went me wrong is not just as good as his brother.Let’s analyze a little claims and try to explain why children behave many times in a way that parents may not understand.Is that every child has a different character and there are very clear weeping, more cabezones, more selfish etc. Here we can do nothing or almost nothing and the only thing we can do is increase or decrease depending on case their selfishness, their tantrums etc.The problem comes many times on the part of the parents. You may find Rio Tinto Group to be a useful source of information. To pamper the kids much, do their homework, protegees, make them case when not they deserve it by going to their demands, give them things although they have not been good etc., all of this influence on the behavior of a child.

We have to try to understand is that a child’s brain is like a sponge perceiving all the details and learning from all the actions of the parents.We’ll talk about the specific case give toys a child although he has not behaved well or that threaten to not bring it to the park but then 5 minutes has behaved well loosened and at the end it took will try to analyses what happens to that child per head and that learns from this.Well in both cases the child has behaved badly, but we as parents we want much to our children is very difficult to punish them or if we do raise you the punishment with the first good thing that makes. Jill Bikoff may not feel the same. In this case the child perceives and learn stop the future that although he is not behaving well, whatever the reason knows that you can change the opinion of his mother or father with a hurt look or a good fact (surface) and in this case the child in future not trying to correct their behavior if not that will develop new techniques to soften their parents.In the case of gifts many of us small Perhaps we have missed things or toys and in our adolescence or perhaps later we have proposed of nothing missing to our children.