Monterrey, N.L., Mexico. – The meat tons of grains, fruits, oils or that the speculators are buying in the market of futures of Chicago will not stop to businesses or houses of the investors, but they will push the rise its price. The great investors, among them the Investment funds, have entered with force the speculation of foods a scaling that already begins to feel but that it initiated in 2005. The FAO, that is it the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding recognizes that the foods have had strong pressures as of the year 2005 in which 2 percent raised in average. For the 2006 rise it was of the 14 percent and the 36 percent for the past year. The tendency is to the rise. For example, this year a harvest is expected rice record, but its price will increase, according to prognoses of the market of futures that are taken very to chest by great intermediaries, lovers of detail and by all means by the retailer of the corner.

In Mexico, the myth of inflation hides the true effects of the high prices of foods in the very poor entrance of the Mexican in average, but she is the housewife that suffers the generalized rise. In the past, the Private Initiative was crushing with the liberation of the market and the disappearance of Conasupo, a chain of stores that took basic foods most unprotected. Twenty years later, the same Private Initiative alert of the rise of prices and the most needed food shortage between than so much in the countryside as in the urban one inhabits the marginalized zones. The speculation is the evil of our days and already affects the stomach of million people throughout the world. Because foods yes it has, which lacks is money. And that is a dangerous equation.

In the past a hungry town as France untied a revolution, as it happened in Mexico in 1910. So far, a good part of the population in Mexico eats twice to the day: kidney beans, rice, you only twice graze and refreshment and to day. To the Carrier We are a country badly eaten, badly educated, with few labor opportunities and a chaste one of politicians who live on grea. Original author and source of the article.