After these experiences, with the Movement of Reconceituao initiated in the decade of 70, occur a rupture with the vision of positivista world/conservative, which culminated with the paradigm change, objectifying the construction of a critical vision, that took the profession to have a distinct ideological basement of that until then it was practised, redimensionando the prxis of the social service. Inside of this context, the marxist dialectic starts to substitute then the American model for the joint of the theory, history and methodology of Karl Marx, being understood the dynamic reality and contextualizando all contradiction present capital-work in the capitalist society. Searching new bases to legitimize professional acting. In accordance with the new vision of the profession, the Code of professional Ethics of the Social Assistants, in its basic principles, makes use on the option of the category for the proletariat and foresees the magnifying and consolidation of the citizenship, as well as the option for a professional project tied with the process of construction of a new societria order, where it does not have exclusion, for sort, classroom, creed or etnia. According to Iamamoto (1998, p.78) the constant principles in the Code of Ethics are focos that go illuminating the ways to be trod, from some basic commitments waked up and assumed collectively for the category. Then it cannot be a document ' ' that he keeps himself in gaveta' ': it is necessary to give life to it by means of the citizens that, internalizando its content, express it for actions that go weaveeing the new project professional in daily occupational space. Under this prism, we search while professional, beyond honoring the ethical project politician of the profession, constructing new ways in the intervention of the social assistant and to detach a question little argued until then. 2,3 Comparative analysis Since the State in its neoliberal model if removes of the obligations with the citizens, generally the professionals of Social Service make use of few resources for the accomplishment of interventions that accomplish its project ethical-politician and if they find in disadvantage with the medias in mass that they impose its values all the time.