Any of the simulators is aimed at developing strength and endurance, but different types of simulators do or focus on the first or the second. Therefore, when choosing a trainer is important to define your preferences. Or – if allow you opportunities – and get a simulator of the first group (treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, elliptical trainer), and the second (load weight disks units, machine tools, bench power). Trainers on development of strength strengthen different muscle groups and body as a whole. This type of trainers includes trainers with built-in weights and exercise machines with free weights. In simulators with built-in scales are flat goods held by the clamps and moving runners along the guide / rod up / down. Weight change complication is a permutation of a striker.

Gyms with free weights are classified into load Disk units and weight machines / benches for training with barbells and dumbbells. A special group selected rehabilitation equipment, which allows for the prevention and treatment of degenerative disc disease, sciatica, improvement of the vestibular apparatus, a muscular system. For "normal" home workouts, designed to maintain body tone, perfectly the first group of trainers – to development of endurance – treadmills, exercise bikes, steppers, riders, rowing and elliptical trainers. Visit Natalie Ravitz for more clarity on the issue. In any case, the choice simulator, consult with professionals (doctors, coaches) and strictly Follow their recommendations.