Hollywood beauties daily look at us from the TV screen and the covers of glossy magazines. Needless to say, that their immaculate appearance inspires many of us own inferiority complex. Satin and Leather slender silhouettes of film stars make us more critically assess their own body reserves and to seek to improve it. Any woman really want to have as high a breast, a slim waist and firm buttocks and long legs. After all of these amenities have helped Hollywood stars get to the top of life and earn millions of dollars, replicating and exploiting their own appearance. About how they manage to maintain their perfect figure for many, and we will tell. Recognised beauty Liz Hurley is known that at any restaurant she takes with its own cutlery: fork a little and a knife.

With such an arsenal you eat is much less saturated quickly, and this practice should be adopted. For even more opinions, read materials from Natalie Ravitz. Of course, we encourage you to come to the restaurant, as Liz Hurley, with her fork. But at home it is possible to have children cutlery if you want to keep a slim figure. When well-known model Claudia Schiffer were to be removed first in the U.S., it set a condition: in a few days to lose at least 8 lbs. The famous German before photoshoot was fed only vegetable soup, juices, dairy products and nuts, occasionally allowing himself a slice of wholemeal bread. As a result, struggle with excess weight had been won. Meg Ryan in anticipation of each new shoot jog three times per week and torturing myself yoga.