Yes, you want to apply the same exercises with weights that and men – muscles have muscles, but in all other men and women are very different from each other. Studies of men and women engaged in 1.5 hours with free weights, showed that men were used as ‘fuel’ glycogen and surpassed the women on this indicator is 25%. And the male body utilizes protein more. But as far as the main ‘sport hormones’, they all worked out for both men and women about equally. Noticing such obvious differences in response of male and female organisms in training stress, scientists have wondered logical question: Do women want a traditional sports diet includes high amounts of carbohydrates? Further research confirmed that women and men during exercise using different types of internal ‘fuel’.

Protein in a woman’s body is not spent on energy needs and does not disintegrate during catabolism. Coaching – it’s a lot of stress, and each is accompanied by the secretion of stress so-called ‘stress’ hormones, which lead to the disintegration of the protein tissues. These ‘losses’ later restored from the growth of the protein of muscle cells, caused by the same training, but if you overdo it loads, then the balance can go out and negative – the muscles will begin to ‘lose weight’. This often happens with male bodybuilders, who have lost a healthy measure of training, but women are, in principle, it is not threatened. The entire protein is eaten by a woman on muscle growth. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Natalie Ravitz on most websites. The total ‘weight’ of the muscles in women is low, so that the protein needs of women involved in bodybuilding is much less than men. Recommended rate of 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of its weight – it’s overkill, overburdening the liver and kidneys.

It can be assumed that the difference in the processes of protein metabolism and leads to a relatively low level of intensity training for women, which is required to achieve planned results. They are not going catabolic, but because they do not need to bend over, stimulating compensatory growth of the protein of muscle cells. Fats considered the worst enemy in bodybuilding, but once the women ‘use’ them as biofuels, whether they want to restrict reception? Scientists believe that we need. The nature of the subcutaneous fat layer thicker in women than in men. So that the more fat a woman consumes, the more they will be deposited under the skin. On the other hand, a woman can not be ruled out fat from my diet completely. Another thing is that we should talk only about the plant, but not of animal fats. Ladies attending the meeting rooms, beware! Advice that you give is not always correct. In any case, bodybuilding, remember: you do not need high intensity and large number of protein, and vegetable oils are required, but in moderation! How to define it? Look at yourself in the mirror. If every month you become slimmer, fat need not measure himself drop by drop! More importantly attention to carbohydrates. Your body they do not really need it, so that all excess will inevitably turn into fat and spoiled you the big picture.