No one would say, seeing him, one of the most powerful men in the world. On the contrary. For his dress careless might confused with any of its thousands of employees. Another, at his age, would retire in Florida or playing with their grandchildren. And, yes, with far less money and far less deserving than himself. But this innocuous-looking man needs the adrenaline of risk. To do the unexpected.

To dare the impossible. So live installed in the conflict. So unions bent on Fleet Street in his day. So convinced, in their own, to international banks that harassed him. Does not cling to things, as people do less imaginative. Dispenses with companies and partners with an ease that others wish they could quit. So, sometimes difficult to know who the right person to talk to him. He went briefly to do business in Spain.

When he saw that was not interested did not lose a second. Instead of continuing with them, preferred to submit to the King of Spain. And course, he succeeded. When sitting at a desk with him, we should not fool ourselves. So innocent, at any time, you may inquire, "Tell me this figure does not understand it." Then one, instead of looking at him smugly, you have to do is get to shake. (Article first published in the newspaper Noticias del Mundo, New York, on July 19, 1977. The profile was compiled after the book characters of all life, published by the Centro Francisco Tomas y Valiente/UNED.- Alzira , Valencia .- 2007 .- 108 pages .- EUR 9)