The destination is strange, makes impious tricks with people As I had written previously, I and mine loved in them reencontramos after fifteen years, we are keeping contact for email for one two months, and then curiosity beat so strong that we accept finding in them, and later one more time, and plus another one, always with excuse of plus information on past, until at last the first kiss, and later another one and plus another one, we are in relating hidden until it decided to abandon everything for my cause, I was to the sky, was finally hour of being happy, God, as love I it, I love still it. But the past always returns. Fight and more fight on account of what I made it, for having abandoned it, having boyfriend others, delivered having me to another one, exactly this having happened five years after people to have if left, it did not pardon the fact to only have been with whom it badly had made, I who I never knew you are welcome, as I said before, the people never gave information to me on it. Two facts had happened that always I will punish myself. When we namorvamos, I always I was faithful it, but it insisted seeing on me as somebody not trustworthy, perhaps for the joking skill that I had at the time, I do not know to say My aunt asked for to ask for a money to me loaned to a friend of the mother in the name of it, and I accepted, since my aunt went to return to the money two days later, but this did not happen, and I did not want that my mother knew, and as I did not have money to pay, I asked for loaned to a called colleague Rui, he was one bacana gentleman very with me, and I worked at the time in a supermarket, then I was the house of it to search the money, therefore it did not have back in the work, but as I worked in it I finish schedule, I arrived very late in house and my mother fought with me and I had shame to say what it had made in such a way pra how much pra it, it I believed that I was making some immoral thing. .