In 73, It sings to sleep star plus a success film and abandons of time palco of theater. One dedicates only to the cinema and the charities. In 1975 the Oscar earns as. In the following year he is married the cinema director, Richard Greenbush. In 81 the couple travels for Brazil. In this flight, the airplane of Richard suffers one pane and falls in the sea next to Salvador, in the Bahia. Together with Nina and Richard, travelled the secretary of Richard, Michel Jacques.

In the fall of the airplane, only Richard and Michel save themselves. The pilot and copilot die and the body of never Sings to sleep was found. Alvaro arrived the Guaratuba at the three hours of the afternoon. Olavo Gutenberg liveed the side-sea. When the servant received the youngster, took it directly for the deep ones of the residence. Gutenberg was in the orchard, seated in a chair reading a book to the shade of the trees. On a wicker small table, to the reach of its hand, it had a glass jar with orange juice and two cups. Leaned in the table it was a cane and of the opposing side, a chair.

Moved, Alvaro complimented Gutenberg to who admired for the work in the journalism. – He feels yourself. The chair invited Gutenberg indicating. – Made good trip? – Yes, without problems. The old journalist served juice for the two. Alvaro emptied the cup and deposited it on the table. – How he is my old Murilo friend? – Well, he ordered one I hug. – He continues ranzinza? – Much, but is a professional competent, and honest. – I agree. For backwards of that steel mask if it hides a velvet heart. Gutenberg made a pause and asked: – You read the dossier of You sing to sleep Lancaster? – I read.