So too often views are likely to indicate that the broker is listening attentively client and offers him the options "at random". Because of this broker "guide" as the owner of the land losers and the potential buyer, because they spend their precious time without getting any results. This pro listen carefully to your wishes, explore all available on the market offers and select from them is that which you really fit. Typically, to achieve the result it needs maximum 3-4 show. Myth number two: Professionals working in the majority of large agencies people are convinced that a big name, and "scale" real estate experience and guarantee the professionalism of brokers. However, this is not always the case.

Firstly, the famous company with long history and so do not feel lack of wanting to get it to work, so brokers offer a fairly low percentage of the commission of the agency. At the same time, small companies, by contrast, are interested in attracting qualified employees and are willing to provide them with better financial terms. Second, in large agencies brokers operate with their own (exclusive) objects of the company. That is, they do not need the full range of works (search facilities, negotiations with the owner, contract, etc.), their task – just find a buyer or lessee for finished space. In the same small company where its facilities are not so many brokers make deals "from scratch". Accordingly, they are initially required more in-depth market knowledge and understanding of customer needs.