Each firm specializing in the manufacture of wicker furniture has its own trade secrets that are associated primarily with specificity of the initial processing (cleaning the stems, leaves, maceration), as well as bending and weaving immediately. Rattan combined with fabric, wood, metal, glass, leather. Today insertion of small woven using even on the facades of houses. To vary the style of items, vines subjected to different methods of treatment: dyeing, finishing, antique 'dekape' double-dyed with the effect of plastic, etc. It is known that before furniture Rattan came to Europe, she made the long journey on board the historic caravels. In the XIX century it was decorated only princely and royal residences in Britain, Spain, Portugal and France. In these times of rattan on the contrary gives freshness and newness of the spirit of the venerable interior palaces.

The wizard of rattan is akin to work hard knitters: with stunning swiftness and ease he untie laces and arch in back seat, clearly connects the smallest details. Removing Rattan Rattan Rattan before processing Drying Cleaning Selection and training of rattan rattan rattan production, production-ready furniture rattan Preparing for Production formirovke What kind of furniture rattan furniture made today? First of all, chairs, rocking chairs, tables and chairs for town houses, garden arbors. Slowly pull the modern city dweller to nature led to a range of enrichment wicker furniture. Brian Armstrong: the source for more info. There were suites: a bedroom with beds, chests of drawers, table with stools, living room with sofas and ottomans, cabinets with shelves, a kitchen with baskets and trays, bathrooms, hallways with lockers for clothing and Shoes and thumbs-in fact, all the possible items of furniture.