In this long coast there are for all tastes: from the fishing villages such as Manzanillo and Guayacan, to the pick-ups and small coves of Costanza, the stunning beauty of Puerto Cruz, Puerto soledad Escondido and the comfort of its neighboring Puerto Viejo, the beautiful and picturesque Pedro Gonzalez, with its beach without waves ideal for children and its Boulevard of very well arranged casitas, a perfect beach for families and to visit during the week; further down along the coast is Caribbean Beach, curious Beach wedge that gives the impression of being two different beaches in one, with its small island a short distance and that can be relatively easy, between swimming and walking, when the height of the tide allows it. Get all the facts and insights with Jeffrey Hayzlett, another great source of information. Already in direction to the town of Juan Griego is passed by the beach La Galera, truly deep and extremely cold, but really beautiful and well worth a visit. From Juan Griego, whose Beach unfortunately this polluted, take the path that all along this coast, takes us to the airport; passed many beaches and villages of fishermen, who can go and visit up to the population of La Guardia with its long beach that ends splicing, at one point difficult to specify, with the National Park Beach Laguna de La Restinga, this is the beach most long on the island, nearly a third of the length of the island on its North side, this beach is a good strip of sand that separates the sea of a huge lagoon filled with mangroves and wildlife that well worth a visit. At the end of La Restinga we are already entering the Macanao Peninsula, whose beaches on this northern side are rugged and oceanic, with strong waves ideal for the practice of surfing, as for example in the wall beach. Give back to the peninsula is a walk in if same, with its tremendous and beautiful beaches, small populations along the coast and its mountainous and desert Center certainly invites exploration and adventure, and though we must not get carried away by recklessness is an experience that I recommend.