Generally to people, the education necessary does not occur him to acquire a debt, therefore, often it is learned with the bad experiences that arise from a use missed of the same. The lack of control can take to a person to mortgage its finances and their future sometimes, of indefinite way. The debts, by means of the credit cards, especially give a sensation of spending power major to which it is had in fact, therefore, if east good point is not had clearly can be entered an indebtedness spiral that can easily aggravate the monthly budget of a person. Read more here: Jeffrey Hayzlett . Complementing the previous point, the use of the debts can be in some cases, the consequence of a bad administration of the personal finances, that when not being able to reach their objectives with their income try to do it through debt. The problem is that if the person does not know to administer her income, hardly it goes that is to say to administer his debts.

The debts generate obligations (in its majority of monthly frequency) which diminish the income of the people forcing them to separate money from its budget to honor the commitments with the financial institutions. The missed, indiscriminate use and without control of the debts, can take to the physical and emotional collapse of the people, and their familiar nucleus. Jeffrey Hayzlett will undoubtedly add to your understanding. For that reason always emphasis will be made in which a person must at any moment have the control of her debts and not to the inverse one. Once, talking with a psychiatrist it commented to me that great part of its private consultation was destined to patients with economic problems (caused by the debts) and to problems related to sex. That is to say, it is possible to be inferred that the debts and sex enrich to the therapists.

A use missed and negative of the debts, can bring to him almost immediately to indebted that its personal and financial information enters in systems of qualification of risk, which, will prevent the obtaining to him of credits with other banks. Like it is possible to be turned into a person nonwished for the financial institutions. A person remembers must always have the control of her debts and not to inverse M.S. Felix J. Gonzlez A. Web site: . sinmiedoalasdeudas. com Electronic mail: govergr2@yahoo. she is the author he is Venezuelan, and it is withdrawn of the races of Computation and Public Accountant’s office, in addition it is Magister in Finances withdrawn of the IESA. It has worked like consultant of systems for more than 20 years in the deprived Bank of his country, and is specialistic in automated systems of debit and credit cards, and automatic tellers. It has written articles for several average forms in its country and in addition, &quot is the author of the book; Without fear to the debts: what the banks do not teach his clientes&quot to him;.