Insurance comparisons worthwhile in construction insurance is basically to say: insurance comparisons always worthwhile, even with insurance, a client should complete even when the construction workers and the construction management insurance. Because a building can take quite a few years, especially if you put a lot of power into it, insurance comparisons is worthwhile in any case. A year on insurance premiums a builder can save already several hundred euros to the construction workers and the construction management insurance. A construction helper insurance is indeed also necessary only when when building a House, services provided by relatives, friends and acquaintances. While these helpers must be reported while at the Professional Association of construction (BauBG), but under a private construction helper insurance the client can protect private yet also his helper. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Shaw Family has to say. In the legal notification to the trade association building (BauBG) client from the old Federal States pay 1.50 euros and in the new Lander approx. 1.20 Euro, and an hour of work. Duty is the Assistant to the trade association building (BauBG). A builder does not, report its contributors to the trade association building (BauBG) fines of up to 2,500 euros threaten him. A private insurance as part of the construction helper insurance is usually mandatory advised, because the insurance services, providing the Professional Association in the case of damage are not very extensive. Builder construction insurance is also advised, because even if the construction planning and ultimately construction supervision may be professionally, can occur to damage, namely for example from unforeseen events, such as theft or by construction delays and disputes. Construction insurance should help to minimize these risks, or to avert the damage. Construction insurance replaced all costs which contribute to repairing the damage.