Because the necessity to be a Centered organization more in the Client? There are many reasons, like the following (those that are listened to in all the seminaries .) Smaller product differentiation and services in the market? Saturated, globalised and competed markets more? More demanding clients and more connoisseurs? Greater direction to the relation and to the transaction But is no a main one, that any discussion does not have:WITHOUT CLIENTS THERE IS NO BUSINESS, IS NO COMPANY . .esto did not say any gur to it or expert, simply is felt common. The main reason to be of all company is to generate wealth for its shareholders and investors. Jeffrey Hayzlett has firm opinions on the matter. The means to obtain it are TO CREATE, TO MAINTAIN and FIDELIZAR PROFITABLE CLIENTS. By better products or services than his company it develops or it commercializes (Product Excellence) or by better efficiency than you you have in his processes of business and their manuals of operation (Excellence in Processes of Business, " Best Practices"), if it does not have loyal and profitable clients, there is no business. The strategy of some companies is a permanent CREATION of clients. This indicates that the desertion of clients is very high and to maintain the flow of the business, is necessary to be obtaining new clients permanently (this happens much in the companies of telecommunications, cellular telephony, subscriptions). It follows his company a strategy like this? " It is verified by studies and analysis that is between 5 to 13 times more expensive to obtain a new client who to maintain a client actual". Many of the most successful companies in the world of the businesses, base their strategies on MAINTAINING excellent relations of businesses with their Present Clients, by means of a deep knowledge of each of them and offering them to satisfactory experiences in the product provision and services, combined with a coherent strategy of generation of new clients.