When the muscles on the following day after a workout hurt unbearably, stayed behind. Thus, hurts a little, but not terrible. Today, because of urgent matters had to cancel a training session. PS The whole day the body demanding training in the gym, and resented lack of exercise. Level of knowledge making up for yesterday’s enforced absence from classes and got an exclusive treat. Wonder many people think that exercise can only be helpful, but hard and tedious duty, and that the physical effort on the simulator or a sports mat – this is sheer misery.

Well, maybe just in the beginning, and then suffer not only from physical exertion, but from himself. Y Novice most power goes to the trainers and not exercise, and to struggle with himself, with his laziness, disorganization and weakness. PS I found a slogan for the training: “Overcome yourself.” A little pompous, but essentially correct, at least, much better than “I want to be …” DOWN LAZINESS Oh, these holidays with their picnic morning to roosters, bustle, and most importantly – a festive meal: meat pies, jellied meat, chocolate sweets, salads, grilled meat and so on. And then all the holidays – just sheer celebration of laziness, its apotheosis. The result was hit by his training schedule, ate and grow lazy, and paid the price for that: extra pounds. At the first training session was awfully hard and nothing happened, despite the moral and physical support to the coach. PS From now on I will not become smarter, and so relaxing.