Bridge pillar, just around the corner, will give a respite to hotel chains in a month of September which is beginning to smell of low season. Thanks to the bridge, the hotels in the costa del Sol estimate a few spikes of activity that ranging between 70% and 85% occupancy. Seville hotels, for example, will see their beds full 82% during the weekend, though between Monday and Tuesday will see falling occupancy up to 55%, since not many people can enjoy the bridge. For its part, the Association of businessmen hoteliers of the Costa del Sol ensures that bridge will provide them a business volume clearly higher than the average of any October weekend. Other cities like Seville or Granada, provide for increased significantly in their reserves, although it is true that not being official bridge, but there a weekday of by means, not everyone has been able to take is jobs. Still, even some hotel Granada will reach 70% occupancy, according to estimates. And so there is a total normality in the said Bridge, reinforced during all the weekend services at airports, on highways and train stations, so that there are no incidents New Deadline Costa of the Sol Business Awards Business 1st Seville joins the 9th province gastronomy seminars Seville network Periodistas.es Hotel Sevilla Center all included. The best hotels in Seville Spain all inclusive Cruises cheap normality Quilombo Hotel Al-andalus Seville Hotels and flights.