The successful producer who has worked with pop greats such as Michelle, the flippers or Helene Fischer, insisted to meet the young man personally. Full of anticipation, and with his mother in the baggage as a support visited Peter Michael him several weeks later in the Studio and laid the foundations for the successful cooperation it on his debut album with the aptly titled no half measures”. For me, the name of the album describes my happiness and the development in the last few months. My life has completely changed and I can work with full concentration and great people in my dreams from the hit! “, he explains. Even if he one of the industry’s best producers teams and has a renowned Manager at his side with Uwe Kanthak, Peter Michael remains very modest and down to Earth. Questions about possible-successes or his upcoming career encountered he reserved perhaps, because it has to do only on the edge with his heart.

I just love the music and have the good fortune to be able to express my feelings with her. We’ll see how it goes further in the future.” Certainly a setting that doesn’t happen often in the today’s show business, but typical of Peter Michael is. The 24 year old like it honestly and in the best sense down to Earth. Also the title confirm this impression his album no half measures”. “So the song tells a fluke” of our longing for a partner with which you can share everything, and tear the walls a “calls for more honesty in this love.

Snow yesterday”focuses on the end of a love and the search for new hope. And the absolute highlight before you fall, start I on you”is a musical confidence to friends and family for good and for bad times. But just today, why are topics such as love, home and family so important? Just these values are often lost to us. I would like to give pleasure to the people with my music and my texts give them perhaps some hope in difficult situations”, Peter Michael finds matching closing words. More you probably no longer have to say. Source: Electrola Electrola debut album be published no half measures”on 28 June 2013.