The activity of hiper and supermarkets raised the sales in 14,1% in April before equal month of the passed year, in optimum resulted monthly in three years, pulled for the sales of Passover. As the commemoration this year occurred in April, in contrast to 2008, when it was in March, the effect calendar was determinative for the performance of this segment, that defined the total result of the retail in the month. Before March, it had high of 0,8%.Em April, the sales of household-electric had not yet shown effect of the reduction of the Tax on Produtos Industrializados (IPI) in the products of white line. Still without this stimulaton, this segment registered fall in the sales in relation the March and before April of 2009. According to IBGE, this segment it is showing resulted negative in the last months because of the reduction of offers and stated periods of credit, unreliability of the consumers and, still, ' ' a demand more satisfeita' ' for these products after a strong growth occurred in the last five years. In accordance with the IBGE, of the beginning of 2004 until the end of the passed year, the sales of household-electric furniture and had had one high one accumulated of 115%.Em the comparison with March, six of the eight searched activities had registered fall, with prominence for Books, Periodicals, Magazines and Stationery store (- 2.7%) Household-electric furniture and (- 2%). The Fabric sales, Clothes and Footwear had fallen 1,7%.As activities that had pulled the expansion, in the comparison with April of 2008, had been also Equipment and Material for Office, Computer science and Communication (27.0%), Nourishing Supermarkets, Products, Drinks and Tobacco (14.1%), Other Articles of personal and Domestic Use (13.8%), Pharmaceutical, Medical Articles, Ortopdicos and of Would perfume (11.3%) and Fuels and Lubricant (3.7%). The prescription the same grew 13% in April of this year in relation the month of the passed year, with prominence for the sector of Supermarkets, Drinks and Tobacco, whose expansion it was of 22%.Para the Consulting LCA, the data show a contraction, but the expectation is that the sales can be extended in up to 1% in May. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Coinbase.