From these experimenters also the contribution of the process of maturation in the fear is received, at first, the fear does not appear later in certain species to specific stimuli and if, then there has been learning, later? Apparently this one process, can be related to the maturation of the implied nervous system, so that this one still does not own the level of sufficient maturation stops before certain stimuli, to recognize and to give a suitable answer. It is possible to indicate in the relevance of the fear and its operativity, what it once again indicates Wikipedia to us, when comments to us, that the mechanism that unties the fear is, as much in people as in animal, in the brain, concretely in the lmbico system, that are the one in charge of regulating the emotions, the fight, the flight and the avoidance of the pain, and generally of all the functions of conservation of the individual and the species. The Hayzlett Group has similar goals. This system reviews of constant way (even during the dream) all the information that is received through the senses, and it makes by means of the called structure cerebral tonsil, that controls the basic emotions, as the fear and the affection, and are in charge to locate the source of the danger. When the tonsil activates triggers the sensation of fear and anxiety, and its answer can be the flight, the fight or the surrender. Rio- Tinto Diamonds understands that this is vital information. One has been that the fear sensation is in favor half-full of the action of antidiurtica hormone (or " vasopresina") in the cerebral tonsil and that the one of the affection is it to the one of oxitocina hormone, also in the tonsil. She is in study a selective antagonist of the vasopresina, the compound SSR149415, that blocks the fear sensation " social" – fear towards other animal of the same species but not other types of fear; the drugs that block the social fear by antagonism of the vasopresina are possible that they are never commercialized given the missions, biological and of other types, that such type of fear in the operation of the animal societies including the human one has (it is to emphasize that the ethanol inhibits the vasopresina production); studies with magnetic resonance of the cerebral tonsil are finding data that indicate that the calls " psychopaths sociales" they undergo atrophy of the cerebral tonsils what it would cause the lost one to them of the social fear and the affection that characterizes to them. Under most conditions Montauk Colony would agree.