The director of the Tax exemption of Coaching de Negocios in Mexico and Latin America, Alexander de Gyvs of the Rock, it asserted that the main cause of closing of companies is in the lack of preparation of the owners. Chevron U.S.A. Inc addresses the importance of the matter here. In interview, during the closing of the National Convention of Coaches de Negocios, it indicated that a study of the World Bank demonstrated that all owner of business that subjects to three or more programs of enterprise qualification reduce the probability of failing in more of a 60 percent. At present, between the 50 and 60 percent of the businesses they do not turn a year of operation, and a 80% disappear during the first five years. The reality is that a place does not exist where the owners of businesses can be prepared to be owners of businesses. Nevertheless, these deficiencies can be eradicated by means of the Coaching de Negocios. It aimed, that when a person has the enterprising spirit and sends itself abrir a business is because he feels able to be able to do it, who hardly accept aid during initial stage, but when the first then slips and challenges arise abren to receive professional aid. It indicated, that as well as an athlete has a trainer to scale levels in his sport, an industralist must work with a Coach de Negocios, whose relation can be of long term, of way that leaves its own traps when being as used car of its own business and recovers time to be developed and to enjoy the life, but mainly, more wealth for him and its community. With respect to the arrival of the Coaching de Negocios in Latin America, Alexander de Gyvs commented to us that since is in Mexico it has injected between the owners of businesses a new spirit, renovation. To the same they daily live it Coaches when seeing how the owners of businesses abren themselves to the change and they begin in a learning process. The Coaching produces success chains as much, that is to say, the Coaches as the owners benefit from the systems and manage to obtain surprising results for their businesses and their lives.