MS-DOS and Windows town houses 16-bit Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft in August 1985, Microsoft house and IBM collaborated on the development of lofts a apartments family of different operating systems called OS / 2. On 20 November 1985, Microsoft released The first retail version of Microsoft Windows operating system. Originally, Windows was just an extension for MS-DOS graphics. People are buying luxury condos at Barton Place condominiums where there are great look no further than Barton Place On 13 March 1986, the company issued a public offering, with a starting price of 21 per share. Following the first day, the action already had a cash condominiums sale value of 28.In 1987, Microsoft released its first version of OS / 2 to OEMs. In 1989, Microsoft introduced its main office suite, Microsoft Office, a separate package of office applications like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. On fort condos 22 May 1990, Windows 3.0 was released, the new operating system version, which provided new functions, a graphical user interface more streamlined and improved protected condominium sale mode for the Intel 386. Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft.At 6 months sales topped 2 million units. This meant that Windows already generated more benefits that OS / 2, so the rental company decided to move resources from OS / 2 to Windows. In the following years OS / 2 declined, and Windows was quickly promoted as a platform for PCs During the transition from MS-DOS to Windows, the success of Office allowed the company to take a stand against the competition office applications such as WordPerfect and Lotus 1-2-3 According to the company Novell, owner of WordPerfect for a time, Microsoft used undocumented kernel knowledge of MS-DOS and Windows for Office work better than the competition applications.Meanwhile, Office became the dominant office suite, with a market share higher than its competitors. In rental homes 1993, Microsoft released Windows NT 3.1, a business operating system with Windows 3.1 interface but with a completely different kernel. In 1995, Microsoft townhome began to sell Windows 95, a new vacation rental flagship operating system version of the company with a completely new user interface, among its novelties are the new Start Menu improved file browser, compatibility of the Hardware Plug-and-play and improved support for multimedia apartments for sale and high rise games. The new vacation version of windows will also allow long file names and 32-bit multitasking priority, which lets you use multiple programs at vacation homes once. In the first 4 days, sold 1 million copies of Microsoft Windows 95. In the same year, was released Internet Explorer that came along with Windows 95 Plus Pack! (or Windows Plus!), a new version of Windows 95.Bill Gates at IT-Forum, Copenhagen. Year 2004 After acquiring the license of the NCSA Mosaic browser belonging to Spyglass, changed the browser and transformed it by renaming the name of Internet Explorer In March 1995 came Microsoft Bob, an extension of Windows 3.1 for rentals the domestic market he intended to do more friendly to use the computer, changing the interface to one based on everyday objects (boxes, tables, pictures) and as an assistant characters (a dog, a red ball, etc.).. Despite being a dismal failure, many of its concepts were transferred to other programs townhouse of the company as, for example, attendees will vacation rentals help the Office or Windows XP searches. It is remarkable to say that Microsoft Bob was developed by Melinda Gates, wife of Bill Gates and luxury homes this was his last project in the company. From 1995 homes to 2006: Internet and legal issues mid-90s, condominiums Microsoft began an expansioninto new networks and the World Wide Web.On 24 August 1995, launched its main online service, MSN (Microsoft Service Network), intended to compete directly with AOL (America Online). MSN became the umbrella brand for Microsoft’s online services. The company continued its expansion into other markets. In 1996, she teamed with NBC to create a new cable television station offering news and was available at any time. new condo The MSNBC. In November of that year, Microsoft entered the market in November PDAs with Windows CE 1.0, a new version made from scratch of his famous Windows system, specifically designed for systems with low memory and performance, as small and handheld computers.Later in 1997, Internet condominium Explorer 4.0 was released for Mac OS and Windows, marking the townhomes for sale beginning properties of the end of its competitor, Netscape Navigator. In October, the Department of Justice of the United States filed a motion townhomes to Federal Court by showing that he had violated an agreement signed in 1994 and townhouses for sale demanded to stop the sale townhouses of Internet Explorer with Windows as it required manufacturers. 1998 was an important year for Microsoft, Bill Gates Steve Ballmer appointed as president, however, Gates continued to maintain the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of the company. Windows 98 was homes for sale released, the new version of Windows was an upgrade new homes from Windows 95 that incorporated new Internet-centric features and was compatible with new types of devices. One year after condo or the release of Windows 98, Microsoft launches May 5 1999 Windows 98 SE, this new system was an upgrade from Windows 98 but a new product.