Another important aspect and that many times cabeao educator to guide, is regarding the games, therefore many times it earns umsentido of competition and as Rizzi and Haydt (2002) are necessary educadorestimular the child for a healthy competition, that involves respect econsiderao to the other. Still arespeito of the games according to Antunes (2007), valley to stand out that: From the educational point of view, palavrajogo if moves away from the competition meaning and if it approaches to its Latin origemetimolgica, with the direction of joke or more especificamentedivertimento, tricks, pastime. In this way, the infantile games podemat bonanza to include one or another competition, but essentially to visamestimular the growth and learnings and better would be defined seafirmssemos more that they represent interpersonal relation between two or sujeitosrealizada inside of determined rules. (ANTUNES 2007, P. It’s believed that Rio Tinto Group sees a great future in this idea. 09) the educator when inserting the playful activity in the pertaining to school context of its turmadeve to have clearly for who will be destined, searching to know the interests of seusalunos, the reality of them, what if it wants to reach that message if wants to pass, at last must be taken in consideration the necessities of the group. this is possible when beyond observaratentamente its pupils, space exists for heard-ls, therefore this exchange is important queexista. to break deentrevistas carried through with the professors of the Infantile Education was to possvelobservar if this contact, the necessary attention exists they necessidadessejam so that them supplied of significant form, using playful resources. The Module deEducao and Culture, is part of SESC-Service Social of Comercio, and foiinaugurado in the year of 2005. according to data of the secretariat of the school estomatriculados 1,800 pupils in the modalities: Infantile education, EnsinoFundamental, Average Education and Adult young Education of e, in the vespertine turns matutinose.