Can you distinguish a legitimate MLM business, a pyramid scheme where only win that create the system at the expense of those who register later? Here are some facts to consider: MLM Business. Low initial investment includes the cost of products. Based on sales of products and services and not just recruit people. The profit comes from sales of products to external customers is always our network of partners. The members of the network does not sell products between them. It has a marketing system that includes ongoing training, product and leadership.

It is based on helping people to consume quality products and help our team to customers and in turn form their own team. Provide products or services of high quality. It signed a contract that is renewed annually. Promise not to get rich quickly. They promote a high work ethic. Aimed at people who know that success requires effort. Based on helping others. Premia for entrepreneurs.

Not saturated. Illegal pyramid scheme. It is based on recruiting people who put money to afford to level up. Generally not based on product sales. They claim they are better because they have to sell anything. Should there be incited to buy products to stock large amounts and sell to its partners. You can buy positions. The more money you get put higher. The only move money and positions of people dress up financial systems. Promise that you will get rich in a few months. Designed for people seeking easy success based on other people helps me. Punish the unwary that after a while they realize that is a scam. Saturates to stop people entering. As you can see are totally opposite systems. One (MLM is based on hard work and help our team). The other (Pyramid, is based on engaging people to put money you are bound to lose because it is in the hands of the creators of the system, which if made millionaires) Tip: Whenever you promise things that are not credible, the level of saying that will earn money quickly, you do not have to sell, which just about put an amount of money (can be small or large) and to invite more people to do the same, ALERT, take your time to reflect and seeks help from people who understand the topic and where your trust. In short, the MLM industry is a legitimate activity, based on ethics, teamwork, helping others and in Win Win. It is an activity where you will get rich from one day to another. The gains are a result of their own work connected to your computer, never ask people to put money so that you can level up.