Hire, online shopping, loans, interest, reminders that I lose track, can happen to anyone. Hire, online shopping, loans, interest, reminders that I lose track, can happen to anyone. Faster than you think has a mountain of debt accumulated, from which it comes get down without help.A first step with the help of a competent advice to get debt under control, is the debt check. Step 1: The debt check debt check with a counselor the entire debt are juxtaposed with all receipts. This means that links are for example all creditors and their claims with interest.

Right to be charged all monthly income and expenditure. So you can see directly how much remains actually every month for paying off the debt. And maybe you can already here an or other unnecessary output cut. In addition, also existing savings accounts, systems or even real estate should be considered. With these values you can already a part of the debt may be directly pay off. Step 2: The settlement offer is a sum of money, for example, from the above or other assets liquid make should you offer comparison its creditors. This means that a percentage of the total debt as a one-time payment is offered to creditors. Especially when creditors who long time waiting for their money, making such comparisons of sense.

“Would you borrow money from family members or friends for, you should make sure that one new blaming of part of” can pay off in small installments. So to make sure that enough monthly income to the life. The debt repayment plan step 3: an alternative route with the help of a consultancy to deleverage is working out a debt repayment plan. No capital available is to perform comparisons, the debtor consultant agreed instalment payments with all creditors. Within a regular term of six years, percentage shares of total debt in monthly instalments are thus paid off. Ideally be the payments to a Escrow account made and distributed annually to creditors. The financial situation, improved the rates be increased accordingly. At the end of the debt repayment plan, all debts are paid. Step 5: The personal bankruptcy a bankruptcy also consumer insolvency proceedings called way out considering should be considered only as a last. Because limit the associated numerous restrictions the debtor’s life seven years very much. The personal financial situation but does not allow the above solutions and the debt go already in the tens of thousands, mostly no other possibility. To creditors at least a portion of their money, also such amounts must be paid which exceed the free allowance. Mediaroo UG (haftungsbeschrankt) Tim Dettmer