Good morning readers, such day as today me ocurrio to be written on our country and the situation of minority sports in this. From my experience I speak that still we have left much to cross in promotion and aid to the sports like in other many countries of Europe since sports like hockey kick boxing and an endless ones of them but who they are erased of pertaining to minorities ” discriminan” so that subenciones nor attention do not arrive at them as the rest of sports ” rey” of the country like soccer tennis etc. This demonstrates to a lack of interest of the institutions towards his ” obligaciones” in my humble opnion in many points of Espaa.Tambien it is truth and it is possible to say that not always it is thus since in props ocaciones we can benefit from its work but lamentably not always it is thus. Although writing and writing we will not solve anything at least we will be able to transfer ours opinionen and that perhaps does not impose the pre-established thing to us and, and perhaps to only be able to put deacuerdo to us a not so small minority and to perhaps obtain that attention is lent to us. I speak from the experience since I come from the Canary Islands and one of the smaller islands and of a minority sport like the hockey inline, I thus do writing this article a call of attention the readers and agradesco to which they have decided to read to me. I wait for your answers support/criticisms and whoever to know on my and my equipment podeis to happen through the Web of the equipment we will be enchanted to take care of and to sincerely respond yeduacion and support to them to those people who want to communicate with us a warm greeting and thank you very much to even participate. Author of the Aritculo: Ayose Webmaster of: Dejenos his opinionen and commentaries and we will take care of to him as rapidly as possible.