The importance of energy saving in mining machinery Energy saving and environmental protection is the key for the development of mining machinery. Social industrialization level is increasingly high, the development of mining machinery industry in China is getting better, which is pregnant with enormous development potential. However, from the current domestic situation in the mining machinery industry, the foreign land mining machinery industry is much worthy for us to learn; in order to cope with the natural environment and achieve harmonious development, it requires mining machinery OJ green energy production through a variety of advanced technology innovation on manufacturing model, manufacturing resources, manufacturing process and manufacturing organizations to reduce environmental pollution and improve resource utilization, and eventually achieve economic and social effective coordination; efficient zero-pollution mining machinery and have a very good development prospects. As to green and renewable resources, geothermal is identified new energy by world countries to maintain the sustainable development of society; It has been better used in developed countries where is rich in geothermal resources; the development the crust energy resources and solid waste resource expand the service industry for mining machinery. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, focus on the development of recycling economy, uphold the policy of emphasizing the equal importance of both the exploitation and conservation of resources, giving added weight to the latter, in accordance with the reduction, reuse and recycling principle to save energy, water, material and land, comprehensively use resources and strengthen promote conservation and other policies. On the way of orienting to the harmonious development of economic, human and nature, mining machinery has developed toward digital, intelligent, energy saving and environmental protection, and pleasant direction; in this process, we need through a variety of advanced technology on manufacturing and manufacturing innovative products so that they to process mode produces minimized environmental pollution in entire lifecycle and eventually achieve economic and social benefits coordination. Therefore, the mining machinery industry has long way to go to energy saving and environmental protection, which need long-term unremitting efforts! Hongxing will spare no efforts to produce the best cone crusher and ball mills.