The plants produce – locally – from table salt and water a highly active disinfection product or a chloride and low-chlorate chlorine bleach. With the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU IV compact can, depending on the system type, the caustic soda at the same time generated, corrects the Ph. The compact plants are ideal for use in private bathrooms or small public baths. Chloramine is reliably to remove UV conditionning of the UV-Dulcodes S can be reliably remove chloramine. Depending on value of bound chlorine, the short-wave UV radiation eliminate the unwanted by-products of chlorination of swimming pool water. In addition, chlorine-resistant germs in the water are killed off sure. As soon as the by-product concentrations less than the values required according to DIN 19643-1, the UV system is automatically set to reduce costs in a standby mode.

This is a economic operating achieved. Thanks to its inline design the UV systems can be easily installed and are also ideal for a quick upgrade. Tailor-made solution prominently develops and produces systems for all established procedures for water treatment with a focus on the hygiene and disinfection. The product and scope of services includes chlorine dioxide systems, electrolysis equipment, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems. Different pumps, hose pumps to the flocculant dosage or motor and solenoid metering pumps to the precise addition of disinfectants and the pH value adjustment and measurement – tuned to, and dispensing equipment round off the product range. Operators to win of private or public swimming pools always energy-saving solutions for the swimming pool and Spa. For more information, please contact: ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH Michael Birmelin In the Shoemaker won 5-11, 69123 Heidelberg phone: + 49 6221 842-270 fax: + 49 6221 842-432 E-mail: About the ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH which ProMinent group of companies ( is a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of dosing of liquids, as well as reliable solutions partner for water treatment. ProMinent components, systems, and technologies developed for environmentally friendly and sustainable dosing and water treatment with highest efficiency and application orientation.

The ProMinent group of companies focuses on the development, production and distribution of components and complete solutions for storage, transfer, dosing and neutralization of liquid chemicals. This chemical storage containers, transfer pumps, dosing pumps, measuring rule sensor technology, complete dosing systems, and polymer piecing stations are used. Under the brand name ProMaqua group as an independent provider of technology for water treatment and disinfection process delivers a comprehensive portfolio. The product range includes chlorine dioxide systems, electrolysis equipment, UV systems, ozone systems and membrane filtration systems. Under smart disinfection ( (low impact less cost high efficiency) offers ProMaqua per application of environmentally-friendly, economical water disinfection with highest efficiency. From a single source, from consulting through to operation.