More than 40 years the human being fight in the attempt to impose respect to its person and its proper space. With this, it started to demand that its rights were not violated and that independent of its beliefs, race or religion, these rights were guaranteed and preserved for the proper one Been, at the same time where it started to follow in real time (in the last few decades), all what concerns the space where it lives. As result of this fight establishes it democracy, where the individual can inquire itself and question above all what it says respect itself and the reality that the fence. E, to count on such cunning, appears in its aid, one room to be able, a power where the transmitted, said press or written, that is, the media in general, commands the fiscalization on the others three to be able already so known: Executive, Legislativo and Judicirio.E, in turn, monitoring this room to be able, appear the astroroofs of ways, the calls laboratories of monitoramentos, existing in some parts of the Latin American continent, in intention to perfect the medias, at the same time where it divulges the information and it induces the reader to the critical analysis..