In century XX, it is possible to find the elements that better explain the social effect of the media. Not that other historical moments have not been permeados for Media Effects, as the power of the written press. We think of century XIX about ahead, therefore the reflection on all written activity would send the millenia of distance – that she is directly on when espraiar politician, also of the entertainment, both related to the continuous process of cultural construction. To know more about this subject visit The Hayzlett Group. The film ' ' What it would have happened with Baby Jane? ' ' , Robert Aldrich, 1962, brought proposal of analysis of the media throughout ' ' soon century XX' ' in saying of Hobsbawm, limited between 1914 and 1991. The clipping, of the beginning of 1 War to the end of the bipolarity politics-military man, U.S.A.

x the Ussr, scene mounted in function of the politician-ideological schism: capitalism route to the liberal system against a state model pautado in the use of the force and the military race, option made for then the Soviet Union, was prolific subject in sonorous, imagtica cultural production and writing. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Jeffrey Hayzlett. Aldrich divided the film in three phases: ' ' 1917; 1935 and Ontem' ' in aluso to the theater, the radio and the cinema and, to the television, respectively, each phase showing the effect of the media, from there our concern on as social ways act the medias in the reformatao them. While the Europe was destroyed for the war in years 1910, U.S.A., the social entertainment was in the theater. To they converged the masses there, time where the radio not yet had fond of the homes. The commercial use of the radio comes in years 1920 looks with it to entertain, to inform and to educate e, throughout century XX, will be equipment for the construction of dreams, agregador element of the home in the schedules of novels, indispensable mechanism regimes of state that needs to arrive at the house of each family to propagandear the effective ideology, what it is preferred and what it is neglected in the society.