Longboard is one derivative of skate that it all combines the pleasure of the same with a more relaxed style given the biggest stability that the boards of bigger dimensions provide. Normally longboard or longskate is assigned by skate, but independently of the name that if to choose to attribute to it, the pleasure to enjoy of a stroll or a descending inclined for more the adventurers is truily only. Although to be a relatively recent sport in Portugal, longboard has come to captivate each time more and more adepts of all the etrias bands. It is each more common time to find practitioners in the paredes to the side sea, in the park urban, hills with little transit and small farms where normally we see ciclistas to take a walk. Longboard is one practical one that as much attracts athlete of others ' ' sports of prancha' ' as people without any type of experience in these more radical areas. Possessing diverse variants, as much can be faced as a sport with a high factor of danger and aggressiveness, as it can also be seen as a different form to appreciate one stroll tranquilo and a more direct contact with the nature, sliding calmly with the plate to the side sea or for the field.

In contrast of skate, the material of longboard has a period of life sufficiently widened, data so not to be used for jumps and maneuvers that place great pressure on the board. It is frequent to find practicing that they use the same board has some years, something completely impensvel in skate where the athletes that practise the sport with bigger assiduity costumam to have to acquire a board for month. Our country is without a doubt excellent for the practical one of longboard, wants either for the ameno climate that allows to enjoy exactly of a pleasant stroll during the winter, as well as for the innumerable places where the contact with the nature raises this sport to its illustrious representative maximum. It swims as a little moving road of field and with some inclination to feel a pleasure only that skate longboard only can provide. Who is deceived thinks that this is a sport practised exclusively for the masculine sex.

Riders feminine they have given letters in longboard, complementing the picture of raised beauty of a practitioner to slide in its plate with the only sensuality that the feminine sex carries. If not yet it tried does not know what it is to lose. The age is also not an excuse and the sex not. To walk of longboard is a truily only experience that transmits a well-being sensation that cannot be described for words. Optimum that it can make at this moment it is to start already to think about buying one longboard and joining it the flock. In the truth, in accordance with the majority of the practitioners longboard is not a sport, is a different form to be in the life, is to face each displacement as an adventure, each stroll as a discovery.