This has result on the religious temperament and the paper that the State develops, that it consists of the degree of interference of the State to reduce or to increase obstacles in the commercial flow with the international relations. In fact the world if expanded, and the hibridizao between the local popular cultures and a mass culture supposedly ‘ ‘ universal’ ‘ that it consists of the capacity of integration of diverse peoples in one same norm of direction, being the power of irradiation from a religious center. For example, the Islamic civilization, whose extension from a religious matrix and of a considered language sacred, the Arab, obtained to add groups with traditions and distinct origins. These are the centers of the ideological questions that lead to the reinforcement of the local, national economy, and regional, based in the appropriation of the natural resources, in the partnership of the great one it offers and ambient commercialization that contributes actively for the integration of the markets regional. The commerce, the finances, the investments are instruments for which if they establish connection in flows and connections of nets, in the international plan, the production and exaggerated consumption of the population. A universally accepted definition only for the globalization does not exist. According to Held (2001),

globalization has been diversely conceived as long-distance action (when the acts of the social agents of a place can have significant consequences for third distant ones); as understanding space-weather (in a reference to the way as the instantaneous electronic communication it comes consuming the limitations of the existence and the time in the organization and the interaction social); as sped up interdependence (understood as the intensification of the interlacement between national economies and societies, in such way that the events of a country have a direct impact in others); as a world in shrinking process (erosion of the borders and of geographic barriers to the socioeconmica activity); e, among others concepts, as global integration, reordenao of the relations of being able interregional, conscience of the global situation and intensification of the Inter-regional’ interconnection; ‘. The advent of the globalization in accordance with Milton Saints (2000) ‘ ‘ consumerism and competitiveness lead to the moral and intellectual emagrecimento of the person, to the reduction of the personality and the vision of the world, inviting, also, to forget the opposition basic enter the figure of the consumer and the figure of cidado.’ ‘ The Religion and the commerce appear as world-wide, competing and conflicting entities moral, being each one with its deuses, its requirements, its ethics, its moral, its rights and duties in a globalization society.