The valley of Kathmandu seems very well-known and everybody that travels to Nepal knows very well what is going to visit there; it has read because it in forums, in a tour guide, or has said in the agency to it But the valley of Kathmandu is much more that this, is full of places of which people never speak, located sometimes to only hundreds of meters of more famous others, and than they emphasize because its life passes other people’s to the tourism, with its intact traditions and their charming inhabitants. Unlike other places, that way the tourists do not take a walk practically never with their knapsacks and their cameras, and this note immediately when happening: the kind glance of people, the typical one watched of the inhabitants of the Nepal, direct to the eyes, without fear, peculiar, is what it emphasizes more in these corners forgotten the valley of Kathmandu, and gives all their enchantment him. We are very customary to the visits strictly speaking to Bhaktapur, of course precious, patrimony of the humanity by its architectonic value, worthy Patan, Changu Narayan, places by all means of a visit. But from soon there is more, and this is very difficult that travel agency can find a conventional it. Many premises not even even know some these places and hidden routes in the valley.

For example, many know that one of the interesting visits concerning Hindu religion is the temple of Dashin Kali, and all without exception go there using the tourist bus to make the visit. What they do not know is that from a place to the South of Kirtipur, in the outskirts of Kathmandu, it leaves a caminito through the mountains that crosses forests and traditional towns never visited by the tourists, and that arrives at the same temple after a day of way. And to the return, instead of to take the bus with conditioned air from return to the capital, because not to follow by a nontourist route, observing the life of people in the field, happening through a brick factory and discovering the life of Tharu workers who come from the South with his wifves and children to gain something of money to survive a year more? In the valley of Kathmandu all this and much more is possible, and it is in your hands discovering it or taking advantage of the consulting services like ours, YetiViajes, to prepare your adventure to the Nepal and to enjoy it not like a tourist, but like the true premises..