The lixes, for being in> Chorume is the deriving liquid of the decomposition of the residues and comes from three sources: 1) of the natural humidity of the residues, that if aggravates in the days of intense rain; 2) of the water of constitution of some materials that surplus during the decomposition; 3) of liquids proceeding from the dissolution of the organic substance for enzymes expelled for the bacteria. This liquid possesss dark color, extremely acid character, ackward odor and high pollutant load (PAVAM 2007). is esteem that more than five million people die per year, in the entire world, had the diseases related with residues (Axe Silver Son, 1999). enters the illnesses related to the domestic garbage, detaches: cisticercose, clera,> . (Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. UFRJ Institute of accidents) In contrast of the lixes, the sanitary aterros, that receive residue solid municipal urban (the garbage generated in our houses), and the industrial aterros, that receive solid residue industrial, have its constructions pautadas in norms of the Brazilian Association of Normas Tcnicas (ABNT), that it foresees waterproofing of the land and the treatment of the generated chorume.

Opened wells of monitorao in the neighborhoods I fill with earth of allow it to the constant evaluation of the quality of underground waters and the taking of decisions in case of eventual infiltrations. In 1988, for the first time, the Brazilian Federal Constitution approached with bigger emphasis the ambient questions, considering the environment as national patrimony and of the future generations. In this Constitution,> to indirectly organize and to give to direct assistance or under regimen of concession or permission to the public services of local interest that it will institute the National Politics of Solid Residues, that has as objective, to establish lines of direction, in federal level, for the management and management of the different types of residues slidos.LEMOS et al.