BI Symposium, October 6, 2011 in Heidelberg Germany Heidelberg (16 August 2011) get on the 6th October participants within the framework of the second business intelligence Symposium insights into the analysis results of the research study how to use successful enterprise software to to steer their decisions? “.” Organizers are the dual Hochschule Baden-Wurttemberg (DHBW) Mosbach and the management and consulting MaxMetrics. Ziegruppe are IT experts and decision-makers from the Rhine Neckar metropolitan region. The thesis: Software can significantly support decision-making processes and simplify. Since 2008 the authors to find out how technology used talks with companies of different sizes and industries, and is useful. The result: 74% of respondents indicated that business intelligence, so the analytical applications and products for performance management, contribute significantly to the improvement of the financial result of a company. These companies could provide precise forecasts for the development of business, take advantage of the business intelligence software both in the international context as well as in contact with customers and suppliers and showed willingness to innovation in relation to the use of new technologies. In addition, the study analyzed the evolution of business intelligence and the integration of new functionality, such as, for example, the cloud computing and analysis in real time. Benefits of a business intelligence competence center is estimated by the respondents as very high.

The study comes to the conclusion that the use of business intelligence software leads to better decisions, which are reflected in the results of operations of the company. In particular the past crisis has shown that companies that use business intelligence, better and faster again were able to improve their business results”, said study leader and Director of the junior program at the DHBW Mosbach. The results showed that the intelligent software would be significantly less, to prepare data so for this quick and informed decisions could be taken. At the last Symposium the head of the study agreed, that effective coordination of business intelligence in fact improved performance can be achieved by this series on May 12. This result was confirmed by the speakers from various sectors, including energy, global trade and consumer goods. On October 6, 2011 from 2 pm 6 pm, Heidelberg Symposium IT and business in line is in the technology park”instead, in which the detailed results of the study will be presented.

For the second time talk speakers from research and industry, among other things, how the crisis has affected the usage of software, how competitive and agile companies use your information and how today’s technology to the Entrscheidungsfindung is used. Experts such as Helmut mbH report Kali from the IT Department of the Adolf Wurth GmbH & co. KG as well as Thomas Peter Muller, Managing Director, network society Heilbronn-Franken from the practice, how and what technologies use them for decision making and the impact on business development has. The Symposium is among others aimed at decision makers, managers and consultants with the efficient operation of infrastructure deal and want to effectively promote the business intelligence strategy of their company. The entrance is free of charge, but requested to subscribe via email to.