iSM reaches that 92 out of 100 iSM Institute for System Management GmbH in Rostock has undergone a Selbstaudit with regard to own IT security within the company as a member of NIFIS (national initiative for information and Internet Security). “The analysis of the documents submitted showed that in the iSM a very good self protection” consists of the Internet and other risks in the IT security dangers. This confirmation is documented by a deed of NIFIS. The iSM scored 92 out of 100 points in the Selbstaudit 2011, was once again awarded with the seal of NIFIS for the field of information technology, and is now entitled to do this for 12 months. All businesses can receive the seal of NIFIS undergoing the Selbstaudit. To the companies must answer a questionnaire drawn up by the NIFIS with about 80 questions regarding the Internet and information security, from the point of view of topics such as security policy, personnel security, communications and operations management, access control, system development and maintenance, etc. are valued.