In which degree influences the capacity to be related to the people at the time of establishing a business? To this question, the answer of greater serious census to recognize than both actions is directly ligatures, and that one influences in the other. Books and specialized magazines, expert that distribute courses on sale techniques, strategies to capture the attention of the client, managements of promotion, etc exist. All these have an objective common, and is to obtain that a positive connection between the salesman and the buyer exists. Next they are enumerated to way of recommendations, qualities to develop by a salesman, to lift that positive connection with the client. 1. Change of attitude on receiving, to a reciprocal attitude: to give and to receive.

A client goes to an establishment or site where they offer what she satisfies his necessity then. The attention that receives in that interchange must be complete as far as: information and amiability. Since both parts are in a situation gain-to win. An attitude on watch facilitates one fluid relation and of good results. 2. To transmit security and confidence.

In the interpersonal relation that arises in a purchase/sale, aspects of the personality like the voice, the image, the paid attention and the personal reconnaissance of the client; they are characteristics that transmit security and confidence, and facilitate the exchange of information as well. The voice signs and clear. A controlled voice, with a volume, clarity and shade of worked tones to avoid monotony; it is a determining factor and it is an infallible way to catch the attention of a client. A person who uses her voice like sale tool; she must put attention that the message that wishes to transmit is clear and simultaneously pleasant to the senses. The image.