Each 1% of growth of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto) are approximately 750 a thousand new ranks of work bred. Brazil can grow 4% this year, independent of the serious moment of the crisis in 1 trimester and contract in the same one amount the man power that was dismissed of December the February. Many traditionally known companies are suffering strong impact from the fall of consumption of its products, mainly in the exterior, that she will cause in closing of millions of ranks of works for the world. The organizations need to rethink in the strategical politics of distribution of its products and services; reduction of administrative and operational expenditures; production adequacy; exchange adjustment, amongst other conjunctural factors. When companies need to think about so delicate points of its management, by great transport take writ of prevention as to adjust functions, to cut inefficient operational areas or with little productive return and even though to diminish the volume of employees the principle not to run the risk to compromise the life of the business. The Brazilian cities are few that had not felt the effect of the crisis in the January month, because it came very fast and generating the fear of the unemployment. All the measures that if to make necessary for the maintenance of the jobs, they must be made.

All must think about set and give to suggestions for the preservation and creation of new chances of work and income. Many alternatives for generation of jobs exist, but the delay between what it is considered until its conclusion leaves very apreensiva the Brazilian population. This is the moment to cry out for the agility in the taking of decisions, cannot wait that quarrels politics place as many Brazilians in the line of the unemployment.