So that the performance of the children is beneficial in the school we must take some measures in house. The education does not depend only on the school, but the family has important paper in the awareness of the children. Ten measures that the responsible ones can adopt: to 1.Estabelecer hourly for the studies, for the leisure, to sleep and to raise. To study is not only to make house lesson, but to use the time to review the substance learned in the school and to remake exercises passed in the classroom, but it is necessary that if it sleeps at least 8h for night. to 2.Olhar notebooks of its children periodically. If it will not be able to look at every day, that it would be the ideal, must look at least a time per seen week placing and date in the last line of lesson of each substance, thus will have control of how much the son produced in one week. In doubt, in case that it perceives that it does not have nothing in the notebook more, to order tickets for the professors asking if lesson in the notebook were not given can help and the professors like this.

to 3.Tomar lesson of the children can help them with the studies. 4.Ir to the school whenever it can to talk on the performance of the children is another very useful tool, and the proper child starts to be more responsible, therefore she knows that the parents will be of ' ' olho' '. to 5.Limitar computer and Internet. As it says old dictated a popular one: ' ' Everything what he is excessively estraga' '. It is important to be ' ' antenado' ' , but if it does not have to lose hour of sleep, meals and other responsibilities. to 6.Evitar to teach to the children with the lies, giving the answers of the exercises.