Despite the fact that the Austrian government can not be considered large enough, because there lives just over 8 million inhabitants, the active life of the country and diversity of nature provide a great holiday. Tours in Austria Online The republic consists of separate land: Burgenland, Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Carinthia, Lower Austria, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Styria. Official language – German, population speaks several dialects. Most workers in the tourism sector to understand and speak in English. Contact information is here: Rio Tinto Group. By religion, almost 80% of Austrians hold the Roman Catholic religion, and only a small part of the Protestant residents kept in mostly Lutherans.

Tours to Austria for Petersburgers site Holidays in Austria is very often associated with numerous lakes and large strany.Eto this popular lake for swimming, and plenty of pristine lakes and clear mountain rivers that invite invigorating dip in a cool, relax and unwind from everyday life. Water sports enthusiasts are attracted surfing, sailing, water skiing and scuba diving. Austrian lake, due to strict environmental standards, are the cleanest waters in Europe and are a paradise for divers. Austria – a paradise for winter sports in which there is something special for everyone. Top ski resorts Guaranteed for a great vacation for everyone: for those who like skiing, skating, sledding, snowboarding and for the fans of other winter sports. Resorts in Austria is particularly popular, details at Various travel to allow tourists to listen to classical music festival at the Grand Palace in Salzburg, dashing feel the wind on the ski slopes, to dance until dawn at the International Music Festival company of world stars, fast trot on a raft down the mountain rivers or simply relax on the shore of a mountain lake, basking in the sun, and then walk on the tight streets and humpbacked bridge, listening to the battle for hours old City Hall … In Austria, all of these options may rest, and tourists always find a warm welcome!