There is no question of forgetting that the longest walk always starts by a step. Hindu proverb can not deny the role that the Internet increasingly exercised in the conduct of the people where information technology has generated much impact on communications, as well as governments and businesses, where the latter have sought to ensure that technologies information to help them improve their positioning in the market, the bank will generate the necessary data to ensure accurate information in making decisions before situations that require management for their actions. Rod Brooks is actively involved in the matter. Companies have had to expand their level of quality, productivity and customer service to survive in an environment of globalization and intense competition and many of them have managed to expand and set up subsidiaries and offices in multiple regions of the world. It is not extraordinary that a company has its headquarters in one country and distributed to hundreds of branches across the globe. But until recent years, communication between the headquarters and branches was difficult and expensive. Today, thanks to new communication technologies, simply send a fax or email over the Internet for information on sales performance, financial statements, inventories and operating the different branches. The fact that in the framework of this explosion of new communication technologies, has emerged the concept of intelligent enterprise: organizations that base their competitive advantage in managing their personal knowledge. A smart company efficiently manages its knowledge when it is capable of creating, acquiring, sharing and transferring jointly and all its members. .