A new website should be able more than just look good: (experience), you already know the great benefits of your website? There are facts, based on those communications formally impose: 86% of all decision makers use the Internet every day 63% of all decision makers gather information on the Internet about future suppliers and business partners. 75% of all Germans use the Internet privately. Gain insight and clarity with Brian Armstrong. (Source: nonliner-atlas.de) The figures speak for themselves: the relevance of the medium Internet is constantly growing and the recapitulation of own online engagement should encourage sales and marketing executives. Clearly, we have an online presence, our customers and prospective customers will find everything you need and a lot of chic’ on top, knocking up some Onlineverantwortlicher on the shoulders. “Contact including: a phone number and an email address, inviting interested, call the local sales representative is found for each country, each region.” To believe, would make the maximum use of a website reached, is far from: new contacts! The benefits of your site should be stopped and not much less! We are doing two kinds of benefit a site: basic benefit additional benefit the basic benefit meets through a wide range of information about products, services and the company.

Do not save on important details, provided, the content not cascades down in lengthy prose, but is quick, easy and well structured. It is really interesting where others usually stop, namely when the additional benefit: you generate active new contacts through your website. Use website contacts for active sales. Reduce distribution costs and automate your online sales. Measure behavior and product interest of visitors and put these findings in your communication. Hand on heart: the number of those who actually sign after studying the site information in the company, adheres carefully expressed in boundaries. Therefore facing two facts: the Internet used extensively by consumers and decision makers.