It could continue quoting my beloved Clementine Kruchinsky character of Kauffmann, who on more than one moment I felt performed especially in matters of childhoods solitary and disruptive; the truth in this precise moment I release of wanting peace of mind, but rather looking for something like a catharsis, or anything that me shudder, pretending to be a measure of more rebellious and radical as possible-, therefore I just stay with what’s not concept. At the age of twenty-five, I feel less complex than Britney and more prepared than the Hilton; With no weight relationship though various romps am not vestal, but nor am I consecrated the phallus. And yet, go I’ve had long and tortuous loves! usually ending in endless friendships and with a pinch of malice, but when my sentimentality aground, usually become a sincere affection, with the best wishes of well-being for this lolito that for some reason didn’t want me or gave me a chancee a kiss. But my dilemma It goes beyond my Express adventures and the incomplete loves, since I am writing because I want to be frank with my emotions: I am scrubbed by my own moons and other foreign satellites, which are my milky way, and even perhaps by other galaxies; and insistently ask myself why have so much influence in my stars? You readers know what I mean: people, family and as many pods. Mark me the abandonment, abuse, arbitrariness, voluntarism, selfishness, fear, lack of love, loneliness, remoteness of those who want to, deaths that charge and up to my own laziness. I am not only that, I am not a sad concept; It’s just that I feel like the irrevocable outcome of all that and much more. Sometimes I think that there are no siesta fiesta that get me out of this malaise; It may sound strange, but I think not depressive, but if impotent, obstructed, trapped in my unfinished desires.

Annoys me to do what I want is that my wishes are very strong? Since I cannot think that not I am able to. I need these days realize, fail to be hung by reflections, by the preconceptions surrounding me. No more. Daniela peace Diaz. Chilean. Original author and source of the article