It is an absolutely innovative experience. A landmark in the history of the entrenimento. If it cannot assistiz it and comment it as to a film, because what if it presents to the experienciao for intermediary of 3D he is unusual excessively for permitiz it. We are ahead of a new hybrid media, that uses with the biggest property all its potentiality. We are ahead of a bordering apotheosis of all the expression possibilities. It is pure plastic art. It is pure literature.

It is technological-virtual possibility taken the last consequncias. Since its invention, it is truth well that the media cinema passed for significant transformations. These transformations had not resulted only of processes of technological overcoming, as occured between the dumb cinema and the sonorous one. This overcoming it was a revolution in the history of the cinema, transforming it forever. The same it is happening now with Avatar; a dividing water overcoming in before and later. It is truth that many other workmanships had come to dot a distinguishing way, still inside of the resources possible and disponibilizados by the media well cinema.

Since the moment where the technology surpassed the simple simulation and the retraction of one given reality and passed in them to present improbable enredos, fantastic unreal as possible, that we saw in preparing for this Avatar moment. Matrix and all the ones that if had followed to it, had been preparatory for this extremity of hibridizao of languages presented in Avatar. To say that James Cameron, its idealizer and director is bonanza would be a place-common bivio, for this physicist who delivering the magic to it of the cinema, led all one surpreendendemente competent team to produce this work of art of the human spirit.